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The Counseling Compact will allow professional counselors who are licensed and residing in a compact member state the privilege to practice in other compact member states. This privilege to practice will promote the ease of mobility and expansion of market for counselors, while ensuring increased continuity of care for clients. The Compact will go into effect once it is enacted by law in at least 10 states.

Current Compact Progress:

For current information regarding the status of state compact legislation please visit The National Center for Interstate Compacts website.

Considerations for the Counseling Compact Commission

State legislators and regulators are committed to protecting the public and require that health professionals, including counselors, complete proper training through credible degree programs prior to practice. NBCC encourages the commission states to continue to consider how Compact rules may clarify educational requirements and ensure proper oversight of educational eligibility.

NBCC appreciates the expanded privilege to practice that the Compact will afford and believes that with the clarification of educational requirements, the Compact will positively transform portability for counselors.

NBCC Compact Statement


Visit the NBCC Action Center for up-to-date information regarding current legislation, and find everything that you need to contact your representatives.

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